Ulpan & Community Service

Students who choose the Ulpan/Community service option experience intensive Hebrew studies in an Ulpan 4 days a week for 5 to 6 academic hours a day. The focus of this track is to raise students’ Hebrew levels through participation in an intensive Ulpan experience. Learning Hebrew, however, cannot be done only in a classroom. The afternoons are devoted to community service in and around Jerusalem, during which the students will have the opportunity to practice their Hebrew while giving back to the community. The Ulpan studies take place in a city Ulpan (Milah Ulpan) where the Nativ students learn Hebrew together with olim (immigrants) who have recently moved to Israel.

One of the options offered to Ulpan students is taking afternoon classes at the Conservative Yeshiva. This can be done either instead of volunteer work or in addition to a volunteer schedule. Nativers who have chosen to  take afternoon classes at the Conservative Yeshiva have found the experience enriching. For many, it is the best of both worlds, as they have the chance to learn Hebrew all morning and study Judaism in the afternoon.

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