Yemin Orde Youth Village

The famous Zionist thinker A.D. Gordon once said, “Labor is the only force which binds man to the soil … it is the basic energy for the creation of national culture.”

Four months of the Nativ program are spent at the Yemin Orde Youth Village, a dati (observant) youth village for immigrant high school students. It is located twenty minutes from Haifa, in the Carmel region of the country. The Nativ participants will work in different sectors of the Youth Village and live in dorms in the village. Every three Nativers will share a room and every few rooms will share a common bathroom. Meals will be eaten  in the chadar ochel (dining hall), together with all the students who live in the village . There will also be a moadon (common room) for Nativers, with TV/cable/DVD, and wireless Internet.

While living in Yemin Orde during the second half of the year, Nativers become involved in all facets of youth village life and will have the chance to make a serious impact on the lives of struggling Israeli teenagers. Nativ students will work in the school, the Kitchen and gardening alongside the youth of the village. Each Nativer is adopted by a host family, creating warm connections that often can last many years beyond Nativ.

Youth Village Jobs

  1. Daycare/ Preschool – Nativers spend their days with the youngest members of the youth village, supervising them, playing with them, and enjoying the company of 2-4 year olds.
  2. Petting Zoo – Nativers will have the opportunity to work in the youth village’s petting zoo, helping take care of the animals and work with the students on how to take care of them, as part of an overarching therapy program
  3. Gardening – Nativers get a taste of planting and landscaping as they work to beautify the youth village for all to enjoy.
  4. Kitchen – Nativers take a hands-on role in the creation and preparation of the youth village food. They join many other members of the youth village in an endeavor the whole community appreciates.
  5. School – Nativers have a number of options for working in the school on the youth village: One option is painting rooms and murals, and general beautification of the campus, another is shadowing students who are struggling. Two others are working in the special needs program, or in the yeshiva that are located in the village.
  6. After School programming – Nativers will have the chance to do after-school programming, including tutoring and running fun/educational activities and clubs.
  7. Maintenance – This option involves doing physical work around the youth village – a lot of work needs to be done to keep it all maintained properly!
  8. Magen David Adom –  An average MDA shift is from 7am – 3pm. On most shifts the Nativ volunteers will be alone with the driver, thus the Nativers play key roles in many cases. They also developed great relationships with the ambulance drivers and medics. The Nativer can volunteer with MDA twice a week and will volunteer in the youth village during the other two days.  The MDA shifts will take place at the Haifa station

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