About Yozma


Yozma is a new inclusion track on Nativ and is dedicated to furthering the development of life and leadership skills that are essential for young adults with cognitive and social challenges to lead independent, meaningful Jewish lives and successfully transition to a college program.

The Program

Yozma participants, fully integrated with the Nativ program, will be able to spend a year with their Nativ peers living, learning and volunteering in Israel, while working with specially trained staff members (one staff member for every two-three participants) on the following:

  • Developing strong life/academic/leadership skills,
  • Enhancing communication and personal interpersonal skills,
  • Increasing their knowledge about Judaism/Israel,
  • Strengthening their Jewish identity/deepening their commitment to Israel,
  • Assuming the responsibilities of a college curriculum,
  • Making life-long friendships,
  • Becoming active members of their Jewish communities on college campuses.

The Nativ program offered to Yozma participants includes a fall semester in which students choose either academic university classes for college credits, or Judaic and Yeshiva studies, intermixed with leadership training opportunities and trips.  The second part of the year involves volunteer work, learning and teaching and community living in a youth village or development town.  A variety of programming options are available for evenings, Shabbat, and winter and Pesach breaks.

The cost of the Yozma track of Nativ for the 2019-2020 Nativ year is $41,000*.

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