Yozma Staff

The Yozma staff includes a program director based in Israel with a special needs background who works with the Director of Nativ and the Assistant Director of Admissions to help identify and recruit participants and formulate program guidelines and expectations.  The Program Director will also work throughout the 9 month program with specially trained counselors with special needs experience. These counselors will live with the participants and be available to them 24/7.

There will be approximately 1 staff member for every 2-3 Yozma participants.  They will be seen as additional staff for the Nativ group but with their focus on the success of the Yozma program and the success and support of these individuals. The staff will support with all aspects of the Nativ/ Yozma program and will work with students on social, organizational and independent skills including enhancing communication and personal/interpersonal skills and helping to create life-long friendships. In addition, a professional staff member will work with the Director of Yozma to provide additional support and communication with other staff, participants of the program, professionals and parents.

Communication with Parents

The Yozma staff will have constant communication with the families and ensure constant communication beetwen the families and the Yozma participant

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