Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarship & Financial Aid Options

Hebrew University Need-Based Financial Aid Application (Based on the FAFSA and for H.U. students only)

All processing and decisions are handled by the Hebrew University. Applicants will be notified directly, and arrangements can be made to apply these funds to the cost of the Nativ program. Click here for the scholarship application.

USY’s Tikun Olam Scholarship

The tzedakah project of USY allocates certain funds for deserving applicants. Candidates should contact their regional USY offices for more information regarding regional scholarships. The initial request for scholarship aid should be made directly to your synagogue and USY Region. In addition, limited funds may be available through the international USY office. These scholarships are need-based. Please click here to fill out the scholarship application by May 1.

The Masa Israel Journey Scholarships

The Masa Israel Journey is a joint initiative of the Israeli Government and the Jewish Agency for Israel whose purpose is to make long-term programs in Israel more affordable by giving need-based scholarships to participants. The Nativ program is approved by Masa Israel Journey and applications can be obtained through the Masa website. Click here for the Masa scholarship application.

Additional Opportunities

Synagogue Resources

Many synagogues have special scholarship funds or are able to find other means to subsidize deserving youth. Contact should be made through the rabbi, youth director, or other synagogue official. Point out the ways an investment in your gap year experience will directly benefit the community upon your return!

Local Jewish Federations/Organizations

Start locally and work outwards. Many local Jewish Federations and organizations have special scholarships for Israel programs!

Plant Your Way to Israel

You can raise money to be used toward Nativ with JNF’s Plant Your Way to Israel program. Ask your friends and family to plant trees with Jewish National Fund, and half of the funds will go to support JNF forestry projects in Israel, and the other half will be held in a special account on your behalf. The funds can be redeemed to support your trip to Israel. You can conveniently manage your PYW account online through a personalized fundraising webpage. Click here to register and for more information, or contact or (212) 879-9305, ext. 263.

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