The Program

The Program

The Nativ pre-college gap year offers its participants two distinct components: studying in Jerusalem during the fall semester and volunteering in other areas of Israel during the spring semester.

Throughout the year everyone participates in tiyulim (hiking trips), leadership seminars, and other programming.

Fall Semester

During the fall semester, Nativ participants live in Jerusalem and have the choice to study in one of three different settings: Hebrew University, Conservative Yeshiva, or the Ulpan (Hebrew language study). Learn more about the Fall semester.

Spring Semester

The spring semester revolves around volunteer work in a Youth Village while being fully intergrated into this community. Learn more about the Spring semester.


A number of seminars are held to enhance the academic and volunteer experiences of the group. These seminars are each three to five days long and are mostly during the second semester, when the group is volunteering. Learn more about the seminars.

Tiyulim (Hiking Trips)

Throughout the year, Nativ goes on three tiyulim to become more familiar with the land of Israel. Learn more about the tiyulim.

Other Programming

Nativers have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of evening and optional programming throughout the academic year. Learn more about other programming.

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