The Nativ Experience

Participant Responsibilities

Nativ participants are regarded as representatives of the North American Jewish community, their local synagogues, and USCJ. Recognizing this responsibility, Nativers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, their communities, and the organizations they represent. Learn more about participant responsibilities.

Preparing for College After Nativ

It is highly recommended that Nativers determine their post-Nativ plans for college before they leave for the year in Israel. Learn more about preparing for college after Nativ.

Academic Credits on Nativ

Credits can be transferred from both Hebrew University and Conservative Yeshiva. Learn more about academic credits on Nativ.


Nativ students live at Beit Nativ, The Fuchsberg Center for Conservative Judaism, which belongs to USCJ, located on Agron Street in Jerusalem. Learn more about housing.

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