Jewish Living

Living in Israel is like no other Jewish experience because the society itself is imbued with Jewish life and spirit. Within this inspiring setting, Nativ functions as a vibrant and committed Conservative Jewish community. In the kehilla kedosha (holy community) of Nativ, Jewish learning opportunities abound and Jewish observance is expected. Participation in daily tefillot (prayers) and Shabbat observance are integral parts of the Nativ Jewish living experience. At least once a month, Nativ holds a group Shabbat, during which the entire group enjoys meals, services, and programming together.

Leadership Training

Nativ prides itself on being an outstanding leadership training program. Leadership seminars take place throughout the year to cultivate effective Jewish leaders who will share their enthusiasm and experience with their home communities and college campuses. Through interactive and innovative activities all over Israel, Nativers work toward their potential as Jewish leaders and educators. This leadership training arms the Nativers with invaluable tools for success in college and beyond.

Exploring Israel

Throughout the year, Nativ emphasizes learning the historical relevance and Jewish significance of various locations in Israel. One of the objectives of the program is for the participants to return home with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the land of Israel as well as the culture. In addition to many day trips, Nativers participate in three major tiyulim (hiking trips). They explore the Galilee, Golan Heights, Beit Shean Valley, and Carmel; the Judean Desert; and the Negev, including a visit to Eilat. Special experiences include canoeing on the Jordan River, hiking, and a nature survival seminar.

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