Rabbinic Communal Support

Rabbinic Communal Support

We are grateful to all of our friends and supporters who understand the importance of investing in the leadership of our young adults.  Thank you to the following Conservative Rabbis for supporting the Nativ students as they learn and explore in Israel and continue on their leadership journey. You can join the Rabbinic Community Supporters here

Rabbi Aaron Brusso – Bet Torah, NY

Rabbi Aaron Gaber – Congregation Brothers of Israel, PA – Nativ 6

Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun- Congregation Torat El, CA

Rabbi Adam Kligfeld – Nativ 10

Rabbi Adir Yolkut – Temple Israel Center, NY – Nativ 25, Madrich Nativ 30

Rabbi Alexander Davis – Beth El Synagogue, MN – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Annie Tucker, Temple Israel Center, NY

Rabbi Ari Kaiman – Congregation Shearith Israel, GA

Rabbi Avi Taff – Sinai Temple, CA – Nativ 17

Rabbi Barry Dov Katz – Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale (CSAIR), NY – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Benjamin Adler – Adath Israel Congregation, Toronto

Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel – Midbar Kodesh Temple – Nativ 6

Rabbi Daniel Greyber – Beth El Synagogue, NC

Rabbi Daniel Liben – Temple Israel of Natick, MA Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi Danny Horwitz – Nativ Parent

Rabbi David Ackerman – Congregation Beth Am Israel, PA

Rabbi David Eligberg – Temple Israel, NY

Rabbi David Helfand – Nativ 29, Madrich Nativ 34

Rabbi David Kalender – Congregation Olam Tikvah, VA

Rabbi David Wolpe – Sinai Temple, CA

Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Erez Sherman – Sinai Temple, CA

Rabbi Eric Solomon – Beth Meyer Synagogue, NC

Rabbi Esther Reed – Nativ 11

Rabbi Eytan Kenter – Nativ 18

Rabbi Gail Labovitz – Nativ 3

Rabbi Harold Kravitz, Nativ Parent – Adath Jeshurun Congregation, MN

Rabbi Hillel Konigsburg – Congregation B’nai Torah, GA – Nativ 26

Rabbi Hillel Skolnik – Congregation Tifereth Israel, OH – Nativ 21

Rabbi Ilana Garber – Nativ 15

Rabbi Ita Paskind, Nativ 19, Madricha Nativ 24 – Congregation Beth El, CT

Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal – Nativ 4

Rabbi Jeremy Fineberg – Temple Israel of Sharon, MA – Nativ 27, Madrich Nativ 32

Rabbi Joel Levenson – Midway Jewish Center, NY

Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky – Congregation Beth Sholom, NJ

Rabbi Josh Warshawsky – Nativ 28

Rabbi Michael Safra – B’nai Israel Congregation, MD

Rabbi Michael Schwab- NSS Beth El, IL – Madrich Nativ 18

Rabbi Michael Werbow – Tifereth Israel Congregation – Nativ 7

Rabbi Morris Allen – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Moshe Sacks – Temple Adath Yeshurun, NJ – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Nat Ezray – Congregation Beth Jacob, CA

Rabbi Nicole Guzik – Sinai Temple, CA

Rabbi Noah Arnow – Kol Rinah, MO

Rabbi Philip Weintraub – Congregation B’nai Israel, FL

Rabbi Rafi Cohen – Nativ Spouse

Rabbi Robert Scheinberg – United Synagogue of Hoboken – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Sam Rotenberg – B’nai Zion Congregation, TN

Rabbi Sarah Graff

Rabbi Shai Cherry – Congregation Adath Jeshurun, PA

Rabbi Sharon Y. Marcus, Park Synagogue, OH – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Steve Schwartz- Beth El Congregation, MD – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Steven Rein – Agudas Achim Congregation, VA

Rabbi Steven Wernick – Beth Tzedec, ON – Nativ Parent

Rabbi Uri Allen – Nativ 18

Rabbi Yael Hammerman – Nativ 22

Rabbi Zachary Sitkin – Nativ 25 

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