Participant Responsibilities

Participant Responsibilities

General Expectations

Nativ participants are regarded as representatives of the North American Jewish community, their local synagogues, and USCJ. Recognizing this responsibility, Nativers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, their communities, and the organizations they represent. The regulations and policies of the Nativ program are detailed in the Nativ Policy Manual. Every Nativer must sign the policy manual before departure for Israel.


All Nativers are required to attend all classes, group activities, seminars, and other programs planned by the staff for the Nativ group.


Kashrut is to be observed at all times. Participants are expected to uphold these standards during their free time as well as within the official Nativ framework.


Nativ observes Shabbat in accordance with the standards set forth by the North American and the Israeli Committee of Jewish Laws and Standards of the Conservative Movement. There is no riding, writing, smoking, handling of money, use of musical instruments, radio, computers, televisions, or telephones on Shabbat.

There will be approximately four closed Shabbatot per semester, (not including the mini-mester and holidays) when Nativ davens (prays) and eats meals together. During closed Shabbatot there is usually an activity in the afternoon, a discussion session, and a study of parshat hashavuah (the Torah portion of the week). On an “open” Shabbat students are allowed to leave the base for Shabbat to visit different communities, and you are definitely encouraged to do so. Beit Nativ is always open for Shabbat (one staff member from each track is always on base) and meals are provided.


The Nativers’ safety and security are of utmost importance to the staff. The Nativ program works in cooperation with the Jewish Agency, Israel Experience and the Israeli security authorities to ensure the safety of program participants. Nativers are expected to abide by the security directives of the Nativ staff at all times to assure their well-being.

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