Yozma Program Structure

Fall Semester

Yozma participants spend the fall semester studying at Hebrew University. Depending on the academic level of each participant, a modified class load is flexible. Studying at Hebrew University will give the participants an introduction to college-level study and the support to make a successful transition to a college program after Nativ.

In order to ensure Yozma participants are fully engaged in their courses, Yozma staff will be in constant contact with the academic counselor from Hebrew University as well as relevant professors. Throughout the semester, our staff can assist as needed with assignments and coursework depending on the level of independence of each individual. Initially staff can be available to orient the participant to the campus and accompany them to and from classes. Click here for more information about Hebrew University courses.

Spring Semester

Yozma participants spend the spring semester volunteering in either a youth village or development town with the entire Nativ program. Click here for more information about Nativ spring semester volunteering.

Seminars and tiyulim (hiking trips)

Seminars and tiyulim will take place together with the overall Nativ program. Click here for more information about Nativ seminars and tiyulim.

Social/Communication Skills Training

Yozma provides an inclusive, secure, and structured environment where participants can work regularly with the staff on life skills such as social communication, self-advocacy, organization, independent living, and school/study. Staff will communicate regularly with parents to discuss participants’ progress.


Approximately one out of every three Shabbatot is “free” which means that there is no organized programming. The Yozma staff will always be available at Beit Nativ for the participants to have the option of staying at Beit Nativ. The staff will also assist in arranging for the Yozma participants to spend Shabbat with family or friends or to be hosted by families in Jerusalem and around Israel.

Winter Break

The entire Nativ program has a vacation after the 1st semester at the beginning of January. During this two-week vacation, Yozma participants will have the option to either travel back to the US (price not included) or have their families come to Israel.

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