Academic Credits on Nativ

Transferring Credit: Hebrew University

Students should check with the school they plan to attend after Nativ to find out its policy on transferring credits. The basic policy of most schools is to review the student’s transcript and decide how much credit he or she will receive based upon the grades and  course descriptions. Although there is no way to guarantee Nativers will receive credit for their courses abroad, concerned students should bring their school’s course catalogs to Israel and try to match courses in it with courses at Hebrew University when creating a class schedule. In addition, Nativers can consult an academic advisor at their home school to confirm for which classes they will receive credit. The issue of receiving transfer credit, however, should not deter Nativers from taking courses that interest them, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Over the year, Nativers are encouraged to keep in touch with the academic advisors at their home schools. The time taken now may save frustration and worry in the future.

Transferring Credit: Conservative Yeshiva

The Conservative Yeshiva is based on the ideal of Torah Lishma, learning for the sake of learning. In this spirit, the Yeshiva does not assign homework or give tests. For that reason, most Nativers who choose to study at the Conservative Yeshiva do not receive college credit for their courses. However, if Nativers are interested in the possibility of receiving credit, it is possible to take finals in Yeshiva classes at the end of the semester. After the finals are completed and the Nativer’s grades are determined, the Rosh Yeshiva will submit a letter to the appropriate university on behalf of the Nativer. The letter will state the Nativer’s grades and inform the university that the Yeshiva is under the educational auspices of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Nativ does not guarantee this process will result in transfer credit. For this reason, it is recommended that if Nativers are interested in pursuing this option they consult their particular college or university before coming to Israel.

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