Conservative Yeshiva

Nativers may choose to study at the Conservative Yeshiva for the fall semester. Nativers at the Conservative Yeshiva attend Talmud, Halacha, and Tanakh classes with other Conservative Yeshiva students and enjoy special classes exclusively for Nativ participants in philosophy, Conservative Judaism, Zionism and Modern Israel, and Midrash. Students benefit from the unique setting of the Conservative Yeshiva – the only such institution in the world – which offers a synthesis of traditional and critical methods of Jewish study, navigating how Jewish texts and tradition encounter social change and modern scholarship. Every student is there to learn “lishma” – for the sake of learning – and has the opportunity to gain the skills and inspiration to continue Jewish learning and practice throughout life.

The Beit Midrash

The Beit Midrash is the focal point of the Conservative Yeshiva. In it, surrounded by a beautiful library of sifrei kodesh and reference books, students and faculty learn from one another as they engage with Jewish texts. The buzz of the Beit Midrash is a unique and stimulating sound.

Chevruta and Shiur

Nativers at the Yeshiva learn in a traditional setting, combining chevruta study and shiurim. Chevruta study is an age-old method of Jewish text study in which two students learn a text together. It gives students an opportunity to explore and struggle with the text together as they learn from one another, and it often creates a unique bond between them. During shiur, teachers lead students through a discussion of the prepared text. Students raise questions and difficulties encountered during chevruta, and teachers explain these challenging areas and aid the students in their struggle to understand the text. Additional resources are available to allow each student to get the most out of his or her learning experience.

More information about the Conservative Yeshiva can be found on the Yeshiva website

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