Leah Karo Z”L

Leah served as the Mekasheret, liaison for Nativ students for over 25 years. She and her husband, Yossi, were dedicated to making the Nativ experience on Kibbutz Sa’ad a meaningful and positive one for everyone.

Leah took care of every aspect of Nativ life on Kibbutz. She paired Nativers with their host families, worked hard to find the best volunteer opportunities, and took care of the health and wellbeing of each student. For over almost 3 decades, Kibbutz Sa’ad became a home away from home for hundreds of Nativ students thanks to her care and devotion.

During the many Shabbatot my family and I spent on kibbutz, we often spent shabbat afternoons with Leah, Yossi and their children. My children have fond memories of their tasty potato Kugel and the warm and kind welcome they always received.  Leah helped provide the Nativ students with a powerful experience which impacted their relationship with Israel and its people.

Several Bogrie Nativ shared their thoughts with me about Leah:

“Yossi and Leah were my host family and she was the cornerstone of our connection to the kibbutz. I always have such nice memories of that family.”  – Joanna Beasley Pines -Nativ 11

“I remember her and her wonderfully unique personality well. I also remember her fierce Zionism. She was so passionate about her tafkid.”  – Richard S. Moline – led the leadership course on Nativ 7

“She was a special lady. Always so warm and welcoming on Nativ and every time after I visited Sa’ad.” Eric Levy – Nativ 17

“She was such a kind-hearted woman who cared so much for Nativers—- she was so patient with people especially when someone was not happy with their job- she had a great sense of humor as well” – Josh Taff – Nativ 20

“What a dedicated woman who was always committed to the program, it’s participants, staff and to Kibbutz Sa’ad, along with her lifelong partner Yossi.” – Tamara Beth Rebick -Madricha, Nativ 20

We send our condolences to Yossi, to the Karo family and to Kibbutz Sa’ad and thank them for 25 years of opening their homes and hearts to Nativ.

יהי זכרה ברוך

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