Nativ 36 Moves to New Volunteering Community – Yemin Orde Youth Village

My name is Batya Feder, and I am on the Yemin Orde track on Nativ 36. I am loving it! I volunteer in the kitchen, and it’s been such a wonderful experience. The regular workers here have been very warm and appreciative of our help. We prepare the schnitzel, schwarma, chicken, or fish for lunch, we cut vegetables for salads, and we clean the pots and dishes. This has been a wonderful opportunity to practice my Hebrew skills, as only 3 of the 8 workers speak English.

I also volunteer teaching two dance classes a week, which has been a highlight of my time here. One class is Ethiopian young women in Grade 10, with whom I speak only in Hebrew. The other class is the Brazilians in Grade 9, with whom I speak in English.

I can’t wait for each session. It makes me so happy when they are enjoying themselves in class, and it is so fulfilling when I see them around Yemin Orde and they ask when the next class is. These students come from difficult situations, each with a story of her own, and I am so happy to be here with these young adults to brighten their days. They’ve gone through some incredibly tough times, and it is important for me to learn how I can best help the people around me.

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