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Nativ Is What You Choose To Make Of It

Natanya Rosen – Nativ 38


Here on Nativ, the days when we have extensive amounts of free time are meant for doing almost anything but watching Netflix. It is for exploring all that there is to explore in and around Jerusalem with other Nativers.

A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have a warm, sunny Friday in the middle of December. When you are in Israel, there is only one suitable activity for such days: hiking. Seven of us left Agron before our Nativ closed Shabbat for a hike that was truly an adventure. After a last minute change of plans, a ride on the light rail, and a bus ride, we made it to the general area of the hike. When we got off the bus on the outskirts of Jerusalem, it was clear that we had an exciting adventure ahead of us as we went to find the head of the trail. With all the greenery we could see, you would have never guessed that we were just a short distance from Jerusalem. After a short walk on a road that may have been off-limits, a quick crawl through a fence, and a skeptical walk past a construction site, we found the path.

Unexpected journey aside, we were all having a great time together. With music playing for some of the time, no shortage of funny and witty comments, and the sun beating down on us, nothing could have been better! The second part of the hike was just as exciting, albeit a different kind of exciting. We came across the beautiful reservoir that we had hoped to reach on this hike and sat for a little picnic. The walk back was more straightforward and lively conversation ensued.

When you go on Nativ, you are going to get a bit lost, do some exploring, and go on some unexpected adventures, but you will be doing it with your Nativ family. Each adventure has its own set of variables, making each one unique. From the people you are with to what you see as you explore, Nativ is much more than the program itself, it is what you choose to make of it.


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